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for my love of flowers

for my love of flowers is all about honoring your truth and chasing joy above all else in life as a modern woman. following the insecure process of transformation often comes a rewarding clarity of knowing a little bit more about who you are. you finally recognize that you owe nothing to anyone. a light bulb goes off: there is no longer need for this constant, debilitating comparison to others. you are whole and complete just as you are. you simply want to paint flowers because they captivate you like none other. so: you stop telling yourself all the reasons why you shouldn’t paint the flowers (or do whatever it is in your life that you’ve been resisting) and instead you just sit down and give yourself what you want through the vehicle of a paintbrush. you give yourself permission to be so immersed in the sublime experience of color in the flora all around you that all else fails to matter. cultivating joy: my form of feminism, my form of active resistance. my way of taking a stand, of taking control of my life, and to hopefully inspire other women to do the same. it feels incredible to be a woman that finally chooses what she wants over what she “should” be.

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as a child, i remember stepping down my front steps and being astounded that bright blues, deep magentas, and lush greens could all exist in the same space. constantly stopping myself in my tracks to thoroughly investigate all the colors that make up that rhododendron by my shoe or the moody pacific northwest clouds overhead on my walk to the park: this is where my creative process begins. colors of the natural world as well as the fantastical flood my mind as i close my eyes. whether i am trying to capture a dream or embody a tangible experience, my colorscapes are a way of releasing my thoughts while simultaneously indulging in my lust for color. sometimes my brushstrokes are methodical and cautious; other times visceral and uninhibited. these process-based works are energizing for me; the physical movements of the body hold equal importance to the paintings themselves. these paintings transform my mental space, memories, and dreams in to a physical space that can be shared with others.

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find your line

this mini-series is a snapshot in to a deeply existential, inquisitive, and internally focused time. these works meld together the soft style of my colorscapes, while also peeking behind the curtain of the unknown with new elements such as solid lines, metallic paint, and different subject matter. this comfortable familiarity paired with a yearning to explore uncharted territory is an honest representation of how we mentally, emotionally, and physically evolve as humans, and how change does not happen all at once but rather in its own time. this work is largely concerned with ideas of what motivates real internal change, and how that change occurs by ambling into mystery while still holding on to the comforts we need to make it through the beautiful and painful process of transformation.