illustration + design

Growing from a personal history of pouring all of my artistic energy in to color and organic forms, I stumble in to this new, rigid world of illustration and design. The antithesis of intuitive and messy painting sessions that somehow spread all over my apartment – I come to the table with a specific idea in mind. I sit with my paper and pencil and meticulously render until I find exactly what I am looking for. I quickly found this portion of my creative practice to be the most humbling, but because of that I fell in love with it. I never imagined I would find as much joy as I do now in refining down all of my ideas to a precise, clean, and simple design. While this illustrative process is different, it greatly informs my painting practice, and vice-versa.



mixed media

In addition to the endlessly alluring process of painting, I also continuously find myself returning to the entirely different method of creating mixed media works on paper. This process is more immediate, and in some ways more accessible with working on paper as opposed to canvas. With this open invitation to a lower-stakes surface, I often find myself taking more risks and trying new things on paper. Sometimes these mixed media works are studies for larger oil paintings, and other times they become esteemed pieces of their own. Working between paint, pencils, pens, and collaged elements reminds me to loosen up my work and to not box myself in to too specific of an artistic identity, and to rather stay fluid and open to new ideas.